Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuator

These actuators run on 120V AC. There is an electric motor that runs a hydraulic pump that moves the shaft in and out. The shaft throw is 16-1/2" and takes about 40 seconds to fully extend & about the same time to retract. We do not know the brand or model. They came to us UNUSED in bubble pack. We do not know the weight limit on these but the shaft is unstoppable by hand. As seen in the picture there is a plastic rear mount. This means they were used for light duty. We think they were gate openers. The shaft automatically stops at both ends of its throw. Actuator should be extended and retracted a few times under no load before being put into operation. We have included a switch, a 10uf 200V Cap & the hook up picture above for forward & reverse operation.
Oversize shipping charge applies.

Price: $75.00
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